Beloved friends and family! We are still updating this site but here's what we have in the meantime.

 Because we are moving out of the counrty this summer we can not aquire more stuff. Since we can not take much on the plane, unfortunately, we have no use for material (clothes, toys, etc) gifts. Once in Nicaragua however, we will need funds to set up the necessities for Léa and family life.  Your deposited gifts will help us do just that. We've opened an account for Léa, in her name, so we could put this money aside and use it when building our nest in the first year. While settling we will send photos and updates of how your contributions helped us. 

We're using this Fundraising Registry site becuase it allows you to contribute whatever you can, in any amount, via credit card. No amount is too small! To make contributing simple and to give you a sense of how your generosity will be put to good use, we've created a virtual donation gift list --> Just click the "Registry" button on the left of this page to see how you can help us. The gift registry is not reflective of exactly what we need, but a fun way to break monetary donations down into managable price points and to give an idea of what we will need. For example you can make adonation for $10 towards kitchen appliances or $250 for a sofa, and all amounts in between. No one is obligated to give anything at all. We just created this for those of you who want to give us a gift. This way your gifts will be put to good use instead of wasted money on useless stuff.

 We are looking forward to celebrating the arrival of our baby Lea and sharing the details of our upcoming move on June 5!

  With Gratitude & Love,

Zoë, Christophe & Léa

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